Cookie Policy


A “cookie” is a small text file that is sent and stored on your computer or any other device that you can use to access the Internet each time you visit a website without this file to collect any information documents or files on your device.

On our website, we use “cookies” for many different reasons, in order to create more effective and safer environment for our clients. Basically, we use “cookies,” which are necessary for the provision of services offered through our site (for example, electronic application) and “cookies” used for statistical purposes and issues related to the functionality of our site (for example: number of visitors, repeated visits, frequency of visits, user preferences, etc.).

Internet web browsers are usually set to accept “cookies” by default. Therefore, if you want to change the mode of operation of your browser, including receiving notice of the use of “cookies” or block “cookies” you need to change your browser settings.

It should be noted that not accepting the “cookies” may restrict the provision of certain services (e.g. electronic application) and information from the Company.

What types of cookies may be used?
Cookies perform four different functions:

1. Important cookies
Some cookies are essential to the functioning of the site. They allow identifying users who are registered.

2. Cookies performance-related site
Other cookies are used to analyze how visitors use the site and to monitor the performance of our website. This allows us to offer high quality experience by customizing content offered and quickly identify and fix various problems. For example, cookies may be used to track which pages are most popular. Also cookies may be used to show you articles or services that we believe would be of interest to you depending on how you use the site.

3. Functional Cookies
Functional Cookies allow to remember your preferences such as font size and your other personal settings. For example, cookies save you time and effort for input user name each time you visit us.

4. Behavioral targeting advertising cookies
Website and our advertisers use cookies to show you ads that we believe are relevant to your interests. But we do not disclose your identity to our advertisers.

Does anyone else use cookies on this site?
Advertisers sometimes use their cookies to show you targeted ads. We believe it is useful for our users to see ads that are targeted to their interests.

We use or allow third parties to use cookies on our site, which includes the four categories mentioned above. For example, like many companies, we use Google Analytics to monitor traffic on our website.

How to disable cookies?
All modern browsers allow you to change the settings for cookies. You can usually find these settings in the menu “options” or “preferences” in your browser. The following links can help you or you can use the “Help” menu of your browser for more details:
Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.

Please keep in mind that if you decide to stop cookies, some sections of our website may not work properly.