Fill in to participate

You were recommended by a friend. Complete the conditions and claim participation in the raffle for 3 prizes of €1000.

Participate in the “Raffle Refer a Friend” in the period 13.02-31.05.2023. Read more

What do I get under the “Refer a Friend” program as a Referred party?

You get a 0.75% bonus of the invested amount by you, and the maximum size of the bonus depends on the profile status of the one who referred you:

Starter – 0.75% and up to 200€ maximum amount of the bonus:

Silver – 0.75% and up to 250€;

Gold – 0.75% and up to 300€.

What do I have to do as the Referred party in the period of the campaign in order to participate?

Register on iuvo;

Add at least 100€ to your account or the equivalent in another currency;

Invest all your available funds through iuvoSAVE and/or in loans through iuvoP2P;

State your participation in the raffle as a Referred party on this page;

Even though you have been referred, you can also refer friends and participate in the raffle as a Referring party as well, and each referral gives you another entry in the raffle and the chance to win more than one prizes.