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All loans listed on the platform have the so called buy-back guarantee. This means that the Originator is obligated to buyback the credit from the investor at its nominal value in case the borrower stops paying off their loan. The Originator will restore the investment back to your iuvo account. The buy-back guarantee activates on the 61-st day, counted from the date of the first unpaid installment.

EasyCredit was established in 2005 and since then it has been a trusted assistant to thousands of Bulgarians in meeting their expenses by providing personal loans.

Business Loan Personal Loan
5% – 13%

VivaCredit is one of the preferred lending companies in Bulgaria. The mission of the company is to provide high quality services with easy access to credit solutions at reasonable prices.

Mortgage Loan Personal Loan
5% – 12%

iCredit Romania has been a leader in the fast-paced credit market in Romania since its establishment in 2011.

Personal Loan
6% - 15%
161M RON

BBG (Business Banking Group) was established in 2013 in Japan and in 2015 expanded its operations with office in Georgia.

Secured Car Loan
9% - 14%
0.8M USD

Fast Finance is a joint-stock company working as a Non-Banking Financial Institution operating in Romania since 2013.

Business Loan Mortgage Loan
7% - 13%

CBC (KFP) is a Polish entity specialized in short-term financing of small and medium enterprises.

Business Loan
12% - 13%
21.9M PLN

Ibancar is a pioneer in the non-bank consumer lending sector against security of second hand cars, successfully developing its business model in Spain since 2014.

Personal Loan
10% - 12%
1.4M EUR

Adwisers is a Romanian non-banking financial institution, specialized in funding small and medium enterprises, as well as in providing bridge and consumer loans.

Business Loan Mortgage Loan

NordCard is a Latvian FinTech company, founded in February 2016. The company offers Credit limit on a bank account, and on a debit card, in the non-bank segment.

Personal Loan
8% - 11%
1.9M EUR

Monify is an innovative Latvian financial technology startup that provides business finance to small and medium-sized companies for the region of Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Poland.

Business Loan
10% - 13%
3.7M EUR

Kviku is one of the fastest growing international Fintech companies focused on instant online credit solutions.

Short-Term Loan
9% - 13%

iCredit Poland‘s mission is to help clients in temporary financial difficulties by providing quick, responsible, cash loans and to become a company that customers first turn to when seeking solutions to their financial problems.

Personal Loan
7% – 14%

Access Finance offers a wide range of accessible card products, flexible terms and an innovative approach. The company started its business in 2013 with the White Card product, and over the years has always followed the principles of commitment, trust and high quality customer service.

Personal Loan
8% - 9%

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