Interest Rate 10%-12%
Currency EUR
Headquarters Country:
Operating Countries:
Score Classes:

One of the methods by which the originators control the risk, is using a credit rate score system. This is a procedure of classifying every credit in different categories, based on the default probability (the probability the borrower to stop paying off their loan). All loans in iuvo have a score rate. This is needed so the credits from different originators can be compared

  • AScore class A
Loan Types:
Personal Loan
Year Founded:
Amount of Loans Granted:

The total amount of the loans granted by the loan originator to borrowers since its establishment

1.65M EUR
Amount of Listed Loans on iuvo:

The total amount of the loans issued on the marketplace by the loan originator

86k EUR
Installment Types:
1 mes
Skin In The Game:

In business and financing, the term “skin in the game” is used to refer to owners or principals having a significant stake in an investment vehicle, in which outside investors are solicited to invest. This is to ensure the interests of the originator and the investor in the asset are aligned, as both have a stake in the asset/ investment. On iuvo this means that every loan originator is required to keep certain percentage of each loan listed on the marketplace, which is their “skin in the game”. For example, if a loan originator issues 100 EUR loan to the marketplace and have skin in the game 30%, only 70 EUR of the loan will be available for investors to invest in. The loan originator keeps a stake of 30 EUR.

Net Profit for 2018:
19k EUR
Number of Employees:
Turn a profit:

The year in which the company became profitable



Ibancar is a pioneer in the non-bank consumer lending sector in Spain since 2014 and offers personal loans secured against second hand cars. The company’s goal is to offer suitable and well understood products to a client base that does not have access to conventional forms of credit. The most impressive is that up to date Ibancar has 0 credit loss in its portfolio, due to its proprietary risk management platform with binary scoring and behavioral credit management. This track record demonstrates that Ibancar loans are amongst the safest loans for investors and with the most easily recoverable collateral (cars). The senior management of Ibancar is with extensive banking, finance and risk management experience.

Alexander Melis CEO, Ibancar, España

La razón para unirse a IUVO es que, como una empresa innovadora de tecnofinanzas de rápido crecimiento, creemos firmemente que debemos operar al máximo dentro del ecosistema de tecnofinanzas y también ayudar a los socios clave en este espacio a crecer con nosotros. La asociación con IUVO es un ejemplo perfecto de cómo Ibancar implementa esa visión y nos permite ofrecer nuestros préstamos garantizados con rendimientos extremadamente atractivos directamente para los inversionistas de IUVO que entienden la excepcional protección del capital y el perfil de riesgo / recompensa de una inversión en préstamos de Ibancar.

Forma parte de uno de los mercados de inversión p2p de mayor crecimiento en Europa

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