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New in iuvo – real-time currency exchange

For 3 years, iuvo platform has grown to have 8 originators, the amounts invested have reached more than €100M and investment opportunities are available in four currencies. The average annual return of 9.2% has attracted more than 15 000 people to become Р2Р investors! Investments in P2P loans is becoming an even more popular method to generate passive income, and proportionally to the growing interest, the information for the strategic positioning of the platform also builds up.

We know that as an experienced investor you have your own investment strategy. However, some loans that meet your requirements and may be appealing for you are available in currency different from the currency of your deposit. With the platform’s option for real-time currency exchange, this issue is already solved! From now on you can invest in loans in any currency available at iuvo with quick real-time currency conversion. Currency conversion is available for currency exchange rates which are transparent and which you can see before you confirm the transaction. Follow these steps and invest as much as you want in any currency you like!

Step 1: Choose your main currency and the target currency you want.

Step 2: Choose the amount you want to convert.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction.

Step 4:  Invest and gain profit from the currency you bought.

Of course, you can always convert the investment back to the main currency you chose. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach us by chat, and we will provide professional feedback to all your questions!

Enjoy investing with iuvo!

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