Meet the investors Vol. 1 – Doug Wild

The concept behind peer-2-peer investing is to build a network of people, who are progressive and adaptive to new technologies. Iuvo is a hub for innovative fintech savvies. We are proud to have colorful palette of investors from all over the world. Our more than 15 000 investors come from different professional and cultural background, age , but they have one thing in common – the passion for investment. And we are happy to gather them and grow together.

Many of our investors have their active accounts since the launch of the platform in 2016. We work towards to improve iuvo and to make it even better and even safer for your investments! Like always, we go open and would like to meet you with some of our investors. In series of honest interviews, we are going to meet you with investors in iuvo and share with you their view, progress and recommendations for our platform.

First to open the series is Doug Wild. He comes from Belgium and is working in the Supply Chain within chemical/oil industries. Some time ago, he read an online article regarding P2P and was immediately interested. What happened next read in the interview bellow.

Since when do you invest in P2P? How about iuvo?
I began investing in P2P around March / April 2019 and IUVO was the company I started with.

Can you share with us your most favorite “hack” to earn a better return rate with iuvo?
Not really a hack but I took advice from iuvo on how best to set up my investment plan. Can you give me any hacks? 😉

Do you diversify your portfolio by investing in other kind of investments? If “yes”, share with us.
Currently I have a mix of cash / P2P and stocks as investments. I am moving away from cash as the interest rates are so low.

What do you prefer – manual or autoinvest? Why?
Autoinvest, I can relax knowing that my investments are being automatically invested without any manual actions

What is your personal investing strategy and what kind of return rate you manage to earn by using it?
According to the dashboard, I am currently earning around 14% per year. 

How do you decide how much money to invest – do you dedicate a part of your monthly income for investing or do you have another strategy?
I have been adding lump sum amounts to date but may soon month to regular but smaller monthly amounts

What is the best advice you can give to our P2P newbie investors?
Understand what the definitions / wording used is as this will ensure you make the best decisions, and if in doubt – ask someone

What functionality in iuvo’s platform do you use most often?
The dashboard for sure, it gives all of the information that I need in one place

What would you improve оn iuvo’s platorm?
I honestly think it is great as it is. I also invest smaller amounts in other P2P companies but your platform is by far the best I use.

Rate your experience with iuvo’s platform using a 1-5 mark scale – where 1 is the poorest mark and 5 gives us the best mark.


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