Fill in to participate

State your participation in the campaign and you could win one of three prizes of €1000

Join the iuvo holiday campaign, valid for everyone from 20.12-31.12.2022. Read more

How to participate?

The campaign is valid for everyone registered on iuvo;

The campaign’s period is 20.12-31.12.2022;

Add new funds to your iuvo profile, the minimum for participation is 100 EUR or an equivalent amount in another currency;

The new funds must be invested with a product of iuvoSAVE, no matter which one of the three;

State your participation in the campaign during its period on the specially dedicated webpage;

For your participation to be valid, it is needed to not request withdrawals in the period of the campaign and not request early withdrawals from iuvoSAVE.

What is the prize?

Three participants that have fulfilled the terms will be drawn and will receive a prize of 1000 EUR each;

A video with the drawing of the winners will be uploaded on our YouTube channel on 11.01.2023;

The prizes will be paid within 7 business days after the drawing of the winners;

The prizes will be paid as an investment with the product of iuvoSAVE with 7% annual return and a 12-month period;

After maturity, the winners can do as they please with the prizes and the realized profit with them.