IUVO GOLD CLUB privileges: Receiving information in advance and higher referral bonuses

We continue the series where we tell you more about the additional privileges that the members of IUVO GOLD CLUB have.
We will share more details about what advantage receiving information by email in advance gives you and what are the bonuses you can receive when you refer your friends.

The members of the GOLD program receive news in advance about listing of new loans, promotional campaigns, adding new originators, etc.
This information is very valuable for plenty of reasons and here are some of them:

–  When we send information that a certain originator will list new loans on the market, the investors have the chance to set their automatic portfolios in a way that will allow them to invest in the originator they prefer. Combined with another privilege – priority Auto Invest activation, the possibility to invest exactly in these loans increases significantly;

–  The information that we will add a new originator with certain loan characteristics also gives you the opportunity to set your Auto Invest according to them in order to be one of the first to invest in their loans. It often happens that the first listed loans have more attractive promotional terms and the gold investors can take advantage before anyone else;

–  They have more time to plan new deposits or other actions related to investing in order to take advantage of a certain campaign for additional profit or privileges. It also gives the opportunity to change the settings of your Auto Invest if the promotional campaign is about more attractive terms for investing provided by an originator.

The other privilege is related to the “Refer a Friend” program. It is a very popular one among our investors because of the opportunity to get attractive bonuses which can hardly have an analogue on the P2P market!
Since 01.03.2021, our referral program has new terms with higher bonuses that are more easily accessible than ever.
The bonus with the standard terms is 1,5% of the amount that the referred person invests, with maximum amount of 150 EUR.
The IUVO GOLD CLUB members, however, have double bonuses for each referred person – 3% with maximum amount of 300 EUR. It is important to know that both sides receive bonuses!
Do not miss this unique opportunity that iuvo gives you. Get additional profit by motivating your friends to take good care of their savings just like you do.
The full terms of the “Refer a Friend” program can be found HERE.

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