IUVO GOLD CLUB: Bonus privileges

The members of IUVO GOLD CLUB enjoy 10 privileges. Some of the most attractive ones among them are higher bonuses for participation in the “Loyal Investor” and “Refer a Friend” program. We will tell you more about what exactly you are going to get if you are a Gold Club investor.

Loyal Investor

The Gold Club members have the opportunity to get a 2% bonus, which maximum size can get up to 750 EUR. After adding the needed amount and fulfilling all requirements, the bonus is in your iuvo account after only 60 days of investing actively! The good news is that you can participate in the program more than once, as many times as you want. Right after the bonus is on your account, you can participate again and again. Its size depends on the newly added funds in the specific bonus cycle of the campaign. We insist on stimulating the active investors because the more you invest, the more profit you get. This was the reason to have a program like “Loyal Investor” for the first time ever.

Refer a Friend

A significant number of investors throughout the years took advantage of the classic bonus program of iuvo and got a stimulating additional profit. There is a bonus not only for the referring party, but for the referred as well! The program exists almost from the launch of iuvo as an additional reason to share your experience with friends and to show them an interesting and innovative way to make their money work for them. When a referral is made by a Gold Club member, due to the privileges they have, the bonus is 3% and up to 300 EUR. Its size depends on the amount, which the referred investor adds to their iuvo account within the first 60 days after the registration. Both sides get a bonus after only 3 months of investing actively since the date of the referred investor’s first deposit. It is important to know that you can refer as many people as you want.

% BonusMax. bonus amount
Loyal Investor2%750 EUR
Refer a Friend3%300 EUR


The bonuses, which the Gold Club investors receive for the “Loyal Investor” and “Refer a Friend” programs, are definitely with no analog on the p2p market! Take advantage now and increase your profit with iuvo. And then take advantage again. And again.

Manage your money smart, in your way, with iuvo!

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