IUVO GOLD CLUB with 10 benefits for the most active investors

It has been over a year since we launched the IUVO GOLD CLUB campaign. Every investor with deposited amount over 25 000 euro is part of the golden club. We gathered your feedback, and we listened. Now it is time to add new benefits, which will bring you sensibly higher return, and an even better investor experience on iuvo. We made sure that the platform and its functionalities prioritize you and your funds.

 Here are 10 reasons, which make IUVO GOLD CLUB the best place for your investments:

1.  Your Auto Invest activates with priority

One of the most valuable privileges, that was requested by a lot of our investors, is now a fact. Your Auto Invest portfolios will invest before the ones of other investors. The most desired loans, that match your criteria, will be part of your strategy. What will this bring you? An even better return, safety, a well-working and well-diversified portfolio.

2.  You will be able to sell loans on Secondary market with no fees

As you know, the only fee on iuvo is 1% of the sold amount on Secondary market. As a member of IUVO GOLD CLUB, you have the opportunity to sell loans without this fee, regardless of the amount of the loan.

3.  The loans you sell on the Secondary market will visualize with priority

If you decide to sell some of your loans on Secondary market, they will be the first that investors will see. This privilege brings you a higher visibility for your loans, which increases the possibility for them to sell faster.

4.  Your Auto Invest portfolios will invest in 20 loans instead of 10

Standard portfolios have a loan cycle of 10 loans. The number of loans that can be part of your portfolio as a member of our GOLD club is double.

What does this mean?

For example, you have set 3 portfolios in your investment strategy . The one with highest priority will activate first, and it will invest in 20 loans. After that the portfolio that is second by priority will activate, and it will also invest in 20 loans. Then it is time for the third portfolio by priority to invest, and then the first one again, and the process will continue until there are no available funds on your account. This will allow you to invest more funds in loans with criteria, that are most preferable for you, and match your strategy better.

5.  You can get a higher “Refer-a-Friend” bonus – up to 300 euro for each person
Until now, the terms of the program allowed you to get a referral bonus up to 180 euro. After we updated the terms, the bonuses start from 30 euro and can go up to 300 euro for each person you refer. The amount of the bonus is percent based – 3% of the deposited and invested amount from the referred party.

The full terms can be found here.

The rest of the IUVO GOLD CLUB benefits that have been active since the launch are:

6.  Your deposit will be on your iuvo account within 30 minutes after we receive it

7.  Your withdrawal requests will be processed within an hour after they have been made

8. You will be receiving the most important information about new loan listings , adding new originators, and promotions in advance

9. You will be receiving invites for events, which iuvo is part of

10. If you do not have access to the internet, or if you do not have the time, you can request your account manager to assist you with your portfolio management

The better terms and benefits for you are just a click away. As part of IUVO GOLD CLUB, you will be able to enjoy an even better return, you will receive special service, and the platform will work for you and your funds with priority. You will also be able to sell loans on Secondary market with no fee.

In order to see all privileges in one place, we made a special page for you, where you can find out the most important details. Our exclusive terms await you. Join IUVO GOLD CLUB – we have prepared the best investor experience for you.

Full Terms and Conditions of the program can be found HERE.

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