“Refer a Friend” program

“Refer a Friend” program

What does the program do for you?

The program gives registered and active investors the opportunity to invite their friends and acquaintances to join iuvo and to receive bonuses. Both sides receive a bonus.

How can I refer friends?

It is needed to fill the name and address of the participant in this form. The referred people will receive a short email from us within 1 working day. The email is informative and it does not contain a special link. The registration can be done immediately after making the referral before receiving the email.

When do I have the right to invite people to join iuvo?

Each investor that has deposited and invested at least 1000 EUR in their iuvo account has the opportunity to refer other people. This amount does not include received interest and bonuses.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer unlimited number of people.

What is the amount of the bonus I can receive when referring friends?

The amount of the bonus is a percent (1,5%) of the deposited and invested amount by the referred person. You can receive a bonus if the referred person deposits and invests at least 1000 EUR. The maximum amount of the bonus for one referred person is 150 EUR.
If the referring person is part of IUVO GOLD CLUB, the bonus is 3% and the maximum amount of one bonus is 300 EUR.

In what period the referred person can register after I refer them?

The referral is valid for 2 months.

Can I refer a friend if they already have a registration?

If an investor has registered on iuvo less than 10 days ago and has not added funds to their account, they can be referred with the “Refer a Friend” program.

What are the investing requirements for the referred people?

Each referred person has to invest in loans only on primary market (manually or automatically) in current status loans or with maximum delay of 45 days.

Until when after the registration the referred person by me has to deposit and invest in order for the both of us to receive a bonus?

The referred person has 2 months to reach total deposited and invested amount of minimum 1000 EUR. With all newly added funds in this period, both sides will receive a bonus again.
The maximum amount of the bonus is 150 EUR for one referral.

When will we receive the bonus?

The bonus is received within 3 working days after the deposited amount is invested in loans on primary market.

What is the minimum in which the referred people by me should invest?

Each referred person has to actively invest the deposited amount on the platform and the bonus for at least 3 months since the date of receiving the bonus.
If the referred person requests a withdrawal before this period is over, the bonus will be deducted from their balance.

When can I withdraw my bonus, which I received for referring friends?

Each referring person has to invest the received bonus at least once before they can withdraw it.

When can the referred people withdraw their bonus?

The bonus can be withdrawn after the full amount (for which it was received) has been actively invested for at least 3 months (with the bonus itself) since the date of receiving it.


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