What is Auto-Investing and how does it work?

Auto-Investing is a tool that can replace Manual investing by selecting loans and investing in them instead of you. In order to activate it, you have to create a portfolio by setting a desired criteria – Rate class, Interest (%), Installment type, etc. Once you create your portfolio, the system will automatically choose and invest in loans for you. The Auto-Investing will keep analyzing and investing in appropriate loans that fit your criteria, as long as there are free funds on your account and available credits. Your Auto-Investing portfolio is in your full control. You can change it, stop it, or delete it at any given time.

Can I edit an Auto-Investing portfolio?

You can edit your portfolio or just review the set criteria by clicking on the “Review/Edit” button. Please, bare in mind that when you change your criteria, it is necessary to start the portfolio once again by clicking on the “Activate” button.

Can I stop an Auto-Investing portfolio?

The Auto-Investing portfolio can be stopped at any given time by pressing the “Pause” button. The software will stop investing in loans after you do that. If you want to start it again, all you have to do is click “Activate”.
If you want to delete a portfolio, press “Cancel”.

I have several portfolios, in what order will they activate?

The Auto-Investing portfolios activate and work according to the date of creation and editing. The most recent portfolio is with highest priority. When it fulfills your criteria, the next one will get activated.

Can I invest manually and automatically at the same time?

Yes, you can invest manually and automatically at the same time.

Does the Auto-Investing portfolio invest on the Secondary Market?

No, the Auto-Investing portfolio invests only on the Primary Market.

Why has my Auto-Investing portfolio stopped working?

When your portfolio does not invest anymore, you will see a message that says: “There are no more credits that fit your criteria to invest in”. The possible reasons can be:
– no more available funds
– the portfolio has invested in all possible credits
– reached portfolio limit
– other reasons

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