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Around the world with iuvo: LendIT & DevReach


In November 2018 iuvo participated in two of the top leading conferences for FinTech in Europe – LendIT and DevReach.

LendIT FinTech Europe – The most successful FinTech conference on the Old Continent.

On November 19th, we sent Ivaylo, Vladimira, and Daniela with a direct flight to London to represent iuvo at LendIT FinTech Europe – one of the most interesting conferences in FinTech world.
The event was attended by leading FinTech companies, and by some of the most passionate FinTech lovers, who want to get firsthand information about the new trends in the sector. Some of the discussed topics were about the global regulation of cryptocurrencies, the future of open banking, the influence of the biometric data on the FinTech industry, and so on.

Iuvo team was part of LendIT FinTech Europe for the second time in a row. During the two days of the event we had the opportunity to meet FinTech professionals, and to talk about our experience. We also discussed partnership possibilities, and we received a valuable feedback on the platform.

The premier of our socially responsible campaign “The value of money” also took place there. It was positively greeted, judging by the feedback we received, saying that the 1 iuvo coin is one of the most useful and interesting gifts at the event. We can learn more about the campaign from here.

DevReach – One of the leading conferences for software specialists in Central and Eastern Europe

On the 10th Annual international DevReach conference, which took place on the 13th and 14th of November in Sofia, we presented the conception of iuvo in an understandable way, but by means of taste! If you are wondering if it’s possible, the answer is: “Yes, it is!”.

Each of the guests on our stand had the opportunity to get a taste of the pleasure of making yield with iuvo. Literally. We recreated the three levels of investment with the help of ice cream. Low-risk investments had the taste of sour cream, “up to 10%” interest had the taste of Zabaione ice cream, and the spiciest 15% interest tasted like chocolate chili. People liked our idea. Proof for that is not only the amount of eaten ice cream, but the new investments on the platform as well.


We always desire to be in touch with the newest in the world of innovations and Fintech. These events are truly important for us also because of the opportunity to meet in person our investors, professionals from the industry and all people who want to learn more about P2P investing. This is one of the best ways to get a direct feedback about iuvo as well as ideas and valuable advice on how to improve the platform.

FinTech and Investing


There is no way you have not heard of FinTech! This is one of those modern words, which people often use these days. However, FinTech is more than just a modern word. It is a whole industry of the New Era, which main purpose is to remove bureaucracy and to address the inflexibility of the traditional finance management.

How did we get here?
The Dot-com revolution and the smartphone era give us the possibility to be online all the time and to be able to do everything from our devices. It is not surprising that having all of that will make people get irritated of the slow model of the standard banking. We are talking about the new generation Y – the millennials. They just want every service to be accessible on the tip of their fingers.

Necessity makes people creative – this is exactly what happened this time as well. FinTech is the product of technology progress and pragmatism. It made the bank sector better by introducing online banking and wireless payments. They provided the business with a completely different way of gaining external capital (financing) – crowdfunding. FinTech changed the perception for money with the creation of the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. The FinTech industry completely changed the models of investing in the last 10 years by introducing digital investing instruments.

The traditional methods of investing became accessible
Before the era of commercial Internet, the investing depended on intermediaries. People had to use the services of agents and brokerage houses, in order to be able to invest in the financial markets. Nowadays “the agent” is just an easy to use web application. It allows you to see how the price change without depending on someone else. The assets for trading did not change, and they still influenced by the same factors. The opened niche is now filled by the FinTech industry.

The innovation is here

FinTech not only get the people close to the financial markets but it also aims at new horizons. A great example for that is crowdfunding and more specifically P2P investing.
The P2P platforms are the bridge that connects the Non-bank financial institutions and the investors. The Creditors, a.k.a. Originators, can list part of every loan they offer in order to finance themselves for new loans. In return the investors gain profit from the interest, as well as the received fee payments (if any).

Why P2P can be your main instrument
Smart decisions are simple in nature – so simple that a person could say “How have I not thought of that before?”. This is P2P’s charm and the reason for it to become such a preferred method for investing. Millions of users worldwide choose to invest in it instead of the traditional possibilities (such as real estate and Stock Markets).

The P2P investments are a great way to make extra income out of your savings. They will not bring you huge profit in a few days, because it is a long-term instrument. Instead of that you will be able to easily predict the expected level of risk, as well as stable yield, while the credits you have invested in go through their payment cycle. The best is that P2P investing does not require a big amount of funds to start, unlike other long-term instruments such as bank deposits and real estate. With iuvo you can even start with 10 EUR, so you can get used to the platform, and when you have more available funds, you can always invest more.

Are you ready to start? Here you can find some material that will make it easier to start:
P2P as a long-term investment
Why is P2P better than a bank deposit

If you want to learn more – take a look at our blog! You can find a lot articles with useful information, as we continue to post more.

We made investing safe. Register in iuvo today!

Viva Credit lists mortgage credits


One of our most preferred originators Viva Credit is listed on our platform with its mortgage credits. This increases the investment possibilities with us!

Viva Credit mortgage credits are secured, which makes them even more attractive for investing. There is a diverse profile of credits where the duration is from 12 up to 60 months. The average amount of a mortgage credit for 2018 is 15 000 BGN. Investments are available both in BGN and EUR.

The new option is that you can check a photo gallery of each customer, which is available to look inside credit details. This will help you to choose an investment according your own preferences.

Alike all the credits in iuvo, the mortgage will also be secured with a Buy-back guarantee. This option ensures your investment in case a credit that you’ve invested stops being paid. The Buy-back guarantee is an indicator for the security of your investment. On this matter we also want to inform you that our 30-days Buy-back guarantee promotion is also available for the mortgage credits from A and B classes for Viva Credit.

Enjoy investing with iuvo!

Fast Finance Romania is our new originator


Our family in iuvo is growing! We strive to give you – our investors, the best P2P market opportunities. This is why we enlarge our range of originators by listing the Romanian credit company Fast Finance to our portfolio. Fast Finance is a Non-Banking Financial Institution that is operating under the supervision of the National Bank of Romania.

The NBFI are an integral part of the Romanian market and this is obviously organically connected to the Romanian economy, which continues to grow dynamically in recent years. The company is established in 2013 and until December 2017 has over EUR 10,000,000 cumulated values of 3 years of granted loans. Today Fast Finance sell consumer credits, business loans and mortgages. Investments are open in euro, repayment period is 6-36 months and all the credits will be secured by 60 days Buy-back guarantee. Expectations are our investors to have an average interest rate of 8% and up to 15% on a credit. Like always, the originator will hold minimum 30% of each loan.

We welcome Fast Finance and embrace the new opportunities which they will bring!