About iuvo

Iuvo strives to deliver superior experiences for investors through its wide listed credit portfolio by trustful originators and outstanding platform simplicity. We give numerous opportunities for progressive investing and freedom of choice while focusing on constantly accelerating customer experience, high investment returns, and security.

Iuvo is a Latin word that means “to help”, “to save” and that is exactly what we want to do. We want to help our clients invest successfully and gain long term profitability.

What we stand for

  • ProsperityWe believe that financial and personal prosperity are in the heart of every successful business. We work for open communication, honest dialogue and mutual respect.
  • CreativityWith passion, commitment and self-dedication we strive to apply out-of-the-box thinking to deliver the best services for our investors.
  • SimplicityWe create a clear, transparent and enjoyable experience with a perfect blend between latest tech advancements and the best investment practices.

What drives us forward

  • We are driven by visionary thinkingWe realize our ideas led by our visionary thinking and approach – unusual, entrepreneurial and non limited.
  • We are sharpOur team consist of professionals with variety of different expertize. We go deep into the essence of things we do, guided by the synergy between sharp minds, expertize and refining of every detail.
  • We act with courageWe believe that bravery is value that goes hand in hand with success. Our courage we overcome every difficulty on our way.

Our Team


Ivaylo Ivanov


Ivaylo is a Fintech expert with experience in professional services, business development, consulting and project management and a passion for entrepreneurship.
He has worked at Ernst & Young, Leinonen Group and PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the areas of assurance, M&A and management consulting. He also held a position in the Board of Directors of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association (EECA). Ivaylo holds a Bachelor degree in Business administration from Sofia University and an MBA from Cotrugli Business School. He is a member of the UK Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


Todor Sbirkov

IT Manager

Todor has more than 15 years’ experience in managing IT projects. He has extensive expertise in managing the development of cloud solutions, web technologies and systems interfaces. He has MSc in Telecommunications and an MBA from the Technical University of Sofia.


Ivelina Kavurska

Legal and Risk Manager

Ivelina has over 10 years practice consulting corporations in the sphere of finance and payment services.


Manol Roujinov

Software Architect

Manol is an expert in designing and managing server based services and cloud based systems. He has almost 20 years’ experience in developing internal ERP and Billing solutions and is currently the software architect of the iuvo platform.


Hristo Andreev

Digital Marketing Manager

Hristo has more than 5 years experience the tech and start-up world. Leading the digital actives of two start-ups and the biggest Bulgarian entrepreneurship organization, he build the necessary skill set to operate in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.


Ivan Milev

Project Manager

Ivan has international experience in Bulgaria, Italy and the United States in areas such as marketing, project management and business development. Ivan has worked for internationally renowned organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, TeliaSonera and Bocconi University. Holder of MBA degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management.


Rada Petkova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rada has more than 4 years experience in marketing. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Her hobbies include reading, design and falling with snowboard.


Vladimira Lulova

Support Coordinator

Vladimira works as а customer service coordinator where she communicates over e-mail, phone and chat with clients. Her professional development includes 7+ years of building and managing support team, testing, and first level service of software products. She claims that work gives us the opportunity to develop our positive sides.


Daniela Yordanova

Customer Support Specialist

Daniela is part of iuvo’s support team. Every time you have questions or need assistance she will be there to help. Dani has more than four years experience in working with clients and a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.


Nikolina Ivanova

Customer Support Specialist

Nikolina has more than 5 years experience in support and customer service. She will answer your phone, email and chat requests. Nikolina is always opened to challenges and learning new things.


Tsvetomir Krastev


Tsvetomir is a FullStack Developer with more than 3 years experience in developing server based systems and interfaces and he is currenlty the main developer of iuvo.


  • Hristo Mitrovski:

    Iuvo executes the traditional lending fundamentals, only better. I believe that through strong support from our backers, team members, and clients Iuvo can grow from better to great.

  • Ivan Zhelev:

    With the advent of fintech, it is now easier than ever to digitally connect people to money, and P2P lending takes advantage of that. I believe in iuvo’s mission to facilitate the financial well-being of its customers, and that it can do so even more nimbly than traditional financial services companies. I am convinced that Iuvo marketplace can create more simply and more transparent lower average borrowing rates for consumers and attractive returns for investors.

  • Stanimir Vasilev:

    As it is true that the straight line is the shortest distance between 2 points, so, I believe is true that the P2P platforms are the shortest distance between a borrower and a lender or an investor, offering convenience, efficiency and fulfilling financial needs on both sides of the equation. These features of the business model, and the young (looking into the future) but knowledgeable (based on past experience) team powering the iuvo platform, gave me the confidence to put my financial and advisory support behind it.

  • Nedelcho Spasov:

    P2P is one of the models that radically change the banking industry. This model gives the opportunity for flexibility and benefits to all stakeholders in the system while empowering them to start independent management of their finances as their own investments or by searching for the best loan terms for themselves. All this combined with great professionalism, competence and enthusiasm I see in iuvo’s team makes me confident for the bright future of the platform.